Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Sales for my friends!

Congratulations to a couple of my writing buds on their recent FIRST SALES!!!

WTG, Tracy Seybold--whom I've known through RWA and writing loops since about 1999. Tracy, a past RWA Golden Heart finalist, just sold her book, THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE, to Cobblestone Press for a Christmas 2006 release! Once Tracy gets a website, I'll link up to her. ;-)

And WOOT! to my good friend Debbie, who just got THE CALL--and an agent!--a couple of weeks ago, after a fabulous meeting with Hilary Sares at RWA Atlanta. Watch for THE CAPTAIN'S JEWEL (we think the title will stick) coming around December of 2007 from debut author Kayla Gray and Kensington Books!!

Congrats and good luck, guys! I'm so proud and happy for you both!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My poor neglected blog!

Sheesh, look at the dust in here! I really haven't meant to neglect my blog for so long, and I intend to update soon -- promise! -- but at the moment, things are a bit hectic.

I wish I could say that part of the craziness is because I'm going to RWA's National Conference in Atlanta; alas, I'm stuck at home again this year. Hopefully there will be lots of juicy updates and pictures over at the Blogging National site. To those of you heading to the conference, have a great time!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend Web Tour: Dan Brown speaks

In the Spring of 2003, on something of a whim, John and I attended a public library reading and book talk of a local thriller author. We hadn't read any of his stuff, not even the new book--a breezy little caper called THE DA VINCI CODE--which was generating a lot of buzz and landing on all of the major bestseller lists just weeks after its release. It's always fun to hear other writers talk about their craft and their publication experiences, so we drove out to the small town library and joined the audience of roughly forty people to hear the engaging, humble, and thoroughly entertaining Dan Brown speak.

On April 23, 2006, 40 million-plus hardcover copies and one major motion picture in the works later, Dan Brown came to Portsmouth. In a sold-out presentation at The Music Hall, our local historic theater, he spoke about the wild ride he's been on, and delved a bit more into the making of his book and the controversy it's stirred up. Unfortunately John and I didn't get to attend this time, since, although we think Dan is a great guy and a fascinating speaker, we didn't have the ambition enough to camp out in the rain at 7am on ticket day to try to get seats.

Thanks to New Hampshire NPR, who co-hosted the "Writers on a New England Stage" event, a download audio file of the entire talk is available online. The file (and the link to it) will likely stay current for a long time, but you may want to save it to your computer just in case. (Click the link to get to the website, then right-click the file and do a "Save Target As..." to download it to your machine.)


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Early bird needs coffee

Morning! Yes, it is--4am Eastern time, to be exact, and WTF am I doing awake at this hour, anyway?! I'm really not sure, but the coffee is brewing and I figured I'd better check in here at the blog before the entire month of April is gone and I have nothing to show for it.

First, I have to send out my congrats to this year's RITA Finalists! Lots of great books made it into the finals, from authors I love: JR Ward, Elizabeth Boyle, Terri Brisbin, Julia London, Jen Holling, Teresa Medeiros--truly, too many to name. WTG, guys! Alas, neither of my two 2005 releases made it, but that just means I can skip RWA National again this year and not feel the slightest bit of angst. I hear the conference hotel is sold out already anyway, FWIW.

Thank you to everyone who cast their votes for me in All About Romance's "Favorite Books by Favorite Authors" poll. Interesting to see that Black Lion's Bride came out on top. It happens to be one of the books I'm most proud of, so it's great to know that my readers give it high marks. Based on many factors, not the least of which being the book's timeliness and subject matter (medieval Crusader hero and Islamic assassin heroine, released just a few months after 9/11), Black Lion's Bride was not one of my better selling novels. Gee, go figure. Walmart didn't carry it (after they did stock the prequel, White Lion's Lady), and I am only recently coming to understand how much that can really hurt a book's numbers. Ouch! And, I guess . . . c'est la vie.

Everything is good on the homefront and in all other areas, I'm pleased to report. I hope to post some recent photos and more news soon! Meanwhile, I'm off to grab a cup of my favorite new brew and get the day started. Have a good Thursday, all!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

2005 RIO Finalist!

I just received word that HEART OF THE FLAME, my March 2005 release, is a Finalist for the Reviewers International Organization's annual RIO award!

I'm nominated in the Paranormal category, along with Sherrilyn Kenyon, Shana Abe, Robin Owens, Cheyenne McCray, and several other wonderful authors--which means I don't stand a chance of winning!--but hey, it's really nice to be included in the same category as so many of my favorite paranormal romance authors!

Thank you, RIO members!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting back in the groove

Last night John and I went to see the Celtic Woman concert in Manchester, NH. It was wonderful! My God, those girls can sing. And the fiddle player was this adorable bundle of spritely blond energy that lit up the stage every time she hopped out of the wings with her bare feet, flying skirts and flippy hair. We had such fun! It's been a long time since we've gone to see a live performance of any kind, and we figured we were due. So much the better when the concert benefits NH public television.

Speaking of live performances, on Thursday March 24th, I will be speaking as part of a romance panel at the Public Library Association's national conference in Boston. Our topic is the appeal of romance fiction. If you've got an opinion on why you love romance novels, please post your thoughts down in the comments section of this blog entry.

Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

She's baaaack!

Well . . . been a long time since I stopped in over here with an update. For those of you still checking in at nhnovelist periodically, sorry for the lengthy radio silence. Quite a lot has happened since my last post, both on the writing front and at home. I'm hoping to be present here on the blog more regularly now, so watch for updates.

Meanwhile, I'm excited to report that translation rights for several of my books have been sold! German editions of HEART OF THE HUNTER and HEART OF THE FLAME are on the way, and a Czech edition of WHITE LION'S LADY is also in the works.

More news to come . . . .